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English art: Quiz


Question 1: Another important influence, from about 1890 until 1926, was the growing knowledge about the visual art of ________.
CanadaCambodiaUnited KingdomJapan

Question 2: As the population of England grew during the ________, a concern for privacy and smaller gardens becomes more notable in English art.
Textile manufacture during the Industrial RevolutionWilliam RadcliffeThomas HighsIndustrial Revolution

Question 3: An exception must be made for the portrait miniature, where a strong English tradition began with the Elizabethan ________, who had learnt from Continental artists, and continued with Isaac Oliver and many other artists.
Nicholas HilliardElizabethan eraThomas BodleyEngland

Question 4: This was mostly sold by the ________, but Charles II was able to recover much of it, by judicious pressure on English purchasers, although many of the finest works had been sold abroad and were lost.
Commonwealth of EnglandOliver CromwellCharles I of EnglandEdward III of England

Question 5: ________ was well known for his minute candlelight pictures, George Stubbs for his animal paintings.
EnglandJoseph Wright of DerbyDerby Museum and Art GalleryJoseph Priestley

Question 6: William Morris is particularly associated with this latter trend, as were the ________.
Realism (visual arts)RomanticismAcademic artPre-Raphaelite Brotherhood

Question 7: Being a nation of four distinct seasons, and changeable ________, weather effects have often been portrayed in English art.

Question 8: ________ built up a great royal collection of art.
Charles I of EnglandCharles II of EnglandJames II of EnglandJames I of England

Question 9: By the end of the century the ________ had become established for wealthy young Englishmen.
Female sex tourismHotelGrand TourTourism

Question 10: His satirical works, full of black humor, are originally English, pointing out to contemporary society the deformities, weaknesses and vices of ________ life.


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