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Question 1: [16] Henry claimed £100,000 from the Convocation of Canterbury of the ________ for their pardon, which was granted by the Convocation on 24 January 1531.
Archbishop of CanterburyArchbishop of YorkBishop of LincolnChurch of England

Question 2: According to Canon Law the Pope cannot annul a marriage on the basis of a ________ previously dispensed.
ConsanguinityEastern Catholic ChurchesCanonical impedimentHoly Orders

Question 3: In Parliament, Bishop ________ championed Catherine and the clergy; he had inserted into the first article, the phrase "as far as the word of God allows".
Thomas MoreJohn FisherFrancis de SalesCatholic Church

Question 4: In 1539 Parliament passed the ________ reaffirming Catholic practices such as transubstantiation, clerical celibacy and the importance of confession to a priest and prescribed penalties if anyone denied them.
Thirty-Nine ArticlesAnglicanismAnglican doctrineThomas Cranmer

Question 5: But after the execution of Sir ________, leader of the Lollard rebellion of 1415, they never again had access to the levers of power and by the fifteenth century were much reduced in numbers and influence.
Owain GlyndŵrJohn OldcastleHenry IV, Part 1England

Question 6: This resulted in the Queen becoming known as "Bloody Mary", due to the influence of ________, one of the Protestants who fled Marian England.
Thomas CranmerVestments controversyRobert Crowley (printer)John Foxe

Question 7: [26] A major manifestation of theological radicalism in England was Lollardy, a movement deriving from the writings of ________, the fourteenth-century Bible translator, which stressed the primacy of Scripture.
John WycliffeProtestant ReformationThomas AquinasCatholic Church

Question 8: Trinity (Father, Son, ________)
Theology • Doctrine
Thirty-Nine Articles
Caroline Divines
Oxford Movement
Chicago-Lambeth Quadrilateral
Sacraments • Mary • Saints
Holy SpiritGospelApostle (Christian)New Testament

Question 9: She had not produced a male heir who survived into adulthood and Henry wanted a son to secure the ________.
O'Neill dynastyHohenzollern-SigmaringenTudor dynastyCapetian dynasty

Question 10: ________
Rowan Williams
Primates' Meeting
Lambeth Conferences
Anglican Consultative Council
Bishops, Dioceses, and
Episcopal polity
William LaudThomas CranmerArchbishop of CanterburyChurch of England


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