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Engine room: Quiz


Question 1: The engine compartment of a ________ may be described as an engine room.
Rail transportLocomotiveTrainSteam locomotive

Question 2: On a ________, the engine room, or ER, commonly refers to the machinery spaces of a vessel.
FeluccaShipHerring BussFishing vessel

Question 3: On a steamship, power for both electricity and propulsion is provided by a large ________.
FurnaceCoalBoilerBoiler (steam generator)

Question 4: Main, or propulsion engines are used to turn the ship's ________ and move the ship through the water.
Propeller (aircraft)SteamboatPropellerJet engine

Question 5: Besides propulsion and auxiliary engines, a typical engine room contains many smaller engines, including ________, air compressors, feed pumps, and fuel pumps.
Linear motorElectrical generatorBrush (electric)Electric motor

Question 6: Superheated steam from the boiler is used to spin powerful ________ for propulsion and turbo generators for electricity.
Turbine (disambiguation)Gas turbineTurbineEngine


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