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Question 1: Valves may be located in the cylinder block (side valves), or in the cylinder head (________).
Manifold (automotive)Ignition systemEngine displacementOverhead valve

Question 2: For many automobile engines, the term 'cylinder block' (sometimes informally shortened to 'block') is interchangeable with engine in this context, for example V block and V engine can often be used interchangeably in ________.
United StatesAmerican EnglishAlaskaEnglish language

Question 3: Similarly, the Volkswagen Group ________ is a hybrid of the V engine and the straight engine, and can not be definitively labeled as either.
VR6 engineTurbocharged Direct InjectionAudiDirect-Shift Gearbox

Question 4: Poppet valves are opened by means of a ________ which revolves at half the crankshaft speed.
Manifold (automotive)Oil pump (internal combustion engine)CamshaftSpark plug

Question 5: Engine configuration is an ________ term for the layout of the major components of a reciprocating piston internal combustion engine.
Mechanical engineeringEngineeringCivil engineeringElectrical engineering

Question 6: ________, with multiple crankshafts, an example being:
Opposed-piston engineFour-stroke engineNapier DelticTwo-stroke engine

Question 7: If the camshaft is located in the crankcase, a valve train of ________ and rocker arms will be required to operate overhead valves.
Engine displacementIgnition systemManifold (automotive)Overhead valve

Question 8: ________, two banks of cylinders directly opposite each other on either side of the crankshaft.
Flat-six engineFlat-four engineV8 engineFlat engine

Question 9: The majority of four stroke engines have ________, although some aircraft engines have sleeve valves.
Four-stroke engineOil pump (internal combustion engine)Connecting rodPoppet valve

Question 10: These components include cylinders, pistons, crankshaft(s) and ________(s).
Oil pump (internal combustion engine)CamshaftManifold (automotive)Spark plug


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