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Engelbert Dollfuss: Quiz


Question 1: He also exchanged 'Secret Letters' with ________ about ways to guarantee Austrian independence.
Axis powersBenito MussoliniItalian FascismFascism

Question 2: Much of Austria-Hungary's industry had been situated in the areas that were separated into Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia with the ________, and thus this manufacturing power was lost to Austria after World War I.
Treaty of TrianonLeague of NationsAllies of World War ITreaty of Versailles

Question 3: Due to ________'s modelling after Italian fascism, Dollfuss looked to Italy in support, especially also against Nazi Germany and gained a guarantee for Austria's independence by Italy in August 1933.
NazismHeimwehrAustrofascismFascism and ideology

Question 4: Dollfuss is buried in the ________ cemetery in Vienna[6] alongside his wife Alwine Dollfuss (d.

Question 5: He was a highly decorated soldier and was briefly taken prisoner by the Italians as a ________ in 1918.
Prisoner of warHuman rightsExileSlavery


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