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Energy level: Quiz


Question 1: ________ are found to have energy bands, instead of or in addition to energy levels.
Crystal structureCarbonCrystalSolid-state physics

Question 2: Quantized energy levels result from the relation between a particle's energy and its ________.
DiffractionElectromagnetic radiationLightWavelength

Question 3: A ________ system or particle that is bound, confined spatially, can only take on certain discrete values of energy, as opposed to classical particles, which can have any energy.
Wave–particle dualityIntroduction to quantum mechanicsQuantum mechanicsSchrödinger equation

Question 4: Due to relativistic effects (________), there is a magnetic momentum, μS, arising from the electron spin
Quantum field theoryDirac equationQuantum electrodynamicsPropagator

Question 5: In molecular physics and ________, an energy level is a quantized energy of a bound quantum mechanical state.
Theoretical chemistryQuantum chemistryQuantum mechanicsInorganic chemistry

Question 6: Elementary examples that show mathematically how energy levels come about are the ________ and the quantum harmonic oscillator.
Semicircular potential wellSchrödinger equationQuantum mechanicsParticle in a box

Question 7: Assume an electron in a given ________.
Electron configurationAtomic theoryBohr modelAtomic orbital

Question 8: an ________ of the molecular Hamiltonian, is the sum of an electronic, vibrational, rotational, nuclear and translational component, such that:
Eigenvalue, eigenvector and eigenspaceMatrix (mathematics)Linear algebraVector space

Question 9: For a confined particle, for example an electron in an atom, the wave function has the form of ________.
ResonanceNode (physics)Standing waveResonator

Question 10: If the ________ is set to zero at infinity, the usual convention, then bound electron states have negative potential energy.
Potential energyElectric potentialAtomForce

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