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Question 1: Dedicated energy crops are non-food energy crops as giant miscanthus, switchgrass, jatropha, fungi, and ________.
Wild fisheriesPlantAlgaePhotosynthesis

Question 2:
An energy crop is a plant grown as a low cost and low maintenance harvest used to make ________, or directly exploited for its energy content.
Index of climate change articlesBiofuelEmissions tradingCarbon footprint

Question 3: ________ or biogas plants can be directly supplemented with energy crops once they have been ensiled into silage.
CompostingRecyclingAnaerobic digestionSewage treatment

Question 4: Alternatively they may be used for heat or ________ (CHP) production.
HydroelectricityWind powerMicro combined heat and powerCogeneration

Question 5: European production of ________ from energy crops has grown steadily in the last decade, principally focused on rapeseed used for oil and energy.
BiodieselEthanol fuelBiofuelFood vs. fuel

Question 6: Through genetic modification and application of ________ plants can be manipulated to create greater yields, reduce associated costs and require less water.


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