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Question 1: In the 1800s it became understood that bacteria could secrete toxins into their environment, which became broadly known as "________".
ExotoxinPore-forming toxinListeriolysin OSuperantigen

Question 2: Endotoxins (not to be confused with enterotoxin) are toxins[1] associated with certain ________.
Gram-negative bacteriaCorynebacteriumGram-positive bacteriaBacteria

Question 3: The prototypical examples of endotoxin are ________ (LPS) or lipo-oligo-saccharide (LOS) found in the outer membrane of various Gram-negative bacteria and are an important cause of their ability to cause disease.
SuperantigenPore-forming toxinLipopolysaccharideLipid A

Question 4: The term endotoxin came from the discovery that portions of Gram-negative bacteria itself can cause ________, hence the name endotoxin.
ToxicityMercury poisoningPoisonLead poisoning

Question 5: Classically, an "endotoxin" is a toxin that, unlike an "________", is not secreted in soluble form by live bacteria, but is a structural component in the bacteria which is released mainly when bacteria are lysed.
SuperantigenListeriolysin OExotoxinPore-forming toxin


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