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Endosulfan: Quiz


Question 1: Both of these ________ are involved in the transfer of nerve impulses.
EnzymeCofactor (biochemistry)ProteinEnzyme inhibitor

Question 2: Search, rescue, and salvage efforts were suspended when the endosulfan shipment was discovered, and blood samples from divers at the scene were sent to ________ for analysis.
Papua New GuineaSingaporeMalaysiaPhilippines

Question 3: Endosulfan has been used in agriculture around the world to control insect pests including whiteflys, ________, leafhoppers, Colorado potato beetles and cabbage worms.

Question 4: Endosulfan was the only pesticide applied to ________ plantations in the hills above the village for 20 years and had contaminated the village environment.
CashewAlmondWild CashewPeanut

Question 5: There are no epidemiological studies linking exposure to endosulfan specifically to cancer in humans, but in vitro assays have shown that endosulfan can promote proliferation of human ________ cells.
Mammary ductal carcinomaBreast cancer classificationBreast cancerLung cancer

Question 6: 1954 Hoechst AG (now Bayer CropScience) wins ________'s approval of endosulfan in the US.
National Agricultural Statistics ServiceEconomic Research ServiceUnited States Department of the InteriorUnited States Department of Agriculture

Question 7: [52] In Florida, levels of contamination the ________ and Biscayne Bay are high enough to pose a threat to some aquatic organisms.
Lake TalquinEverglades National ParkSt. Johns RiverEverglades

Question 8: It has been used extensively on cotton, potatoes, tomatoes, and ________ according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).
AppleYork ImperialGranny SmithZestar Apple

Question 9: [26] Endosulfan is also a xenoestrogen—a synthetic substance that imitates or enhances the effect of estrogens—and it can act as an ________, causing reproductive and developmental damage in both animals and humans.
DDTEndocrine disruptorBisphenol APolychlorinated biphenyl

Question 10: Specifically, it is produced by the ________ reaction of hexachlorocyclopentadiene with cis-butene-1,4-diol and subsequent reaction of the adduct with thionyl chloride.
OrganocatalysisWittig reactionAlkeneDiels–Alder reaction


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