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Endolith: Quiz


Question 1: The micro-________ where these different endolithic species live together is called SLiME (Subsurface Lithotrophic Microbial Ecosystem).

Question 2: (See lithotroph.) Whether they metabolize these directly from the surrounding rock, or rather excrete an ________ to dissolve them first, remains to be seen.
Acid–base reactionAcid dissociation constantAcidOxygen

Question 3: The controversial ________ proposes that petroleum is produced by endolithics bacteria, and not decaying organic matters
HeliumIronBasaltAbiogenic petroleum origin

Question 4: It is thought that they weather long ________ in this fashion, emerging when the temperature in the area warms.
Ice ageLittle Ice AgeQuaternary glaciationLast glacial period

Question 5: An endolith is an organism (archaeum, bacterium, fungus, lichen, ________ or amoeba) that lives inside rock, coral, animal shells, or in the pores between mineral grains of a rock.
AlgaePlantPhotosynthesisWild fisheries

Question 6: They are of particular interest to astrobiologists, who theorize that endolithic environments on ________ and other planets constitute potential refugia for extraterrestrial microbial communities.
Phobos (moon)Water on MarsDeimos (moon)Mars

Question 7: Endoliths can survive by feeding on traces of ________, potassium, or sulfur.

Question 8: Endolithic organisms have also been found in surface rocks in regions of low humidity (hypolith) and low temperature (psychrophile), including the Dry Valleys and permafrost of Antarctica[4] or the ________ [5] and the Rocky Mountains.
Jura MountainsHimalayasAlpsGeography

Question 9: The Ocean Drilling Program found microscopic trails in basalt from the Atlantic, Indian, and Pacific oceans that contain ________.


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