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Question 1: An ________ or behavior is endogenous if it is spontaneously generated from an individual's internal state.
Evolutionary psychologyPsychologyPositive psychologyEmotion

Question 2: Endogenous processes are driven by the warmth that is produced in the core of Earth by radioactivity and ________.
General relativityGravitationIntroduction to general relativityEquivalence principle

Question 3: Endogenous processes include ________.
MelatoninCircadian rhythmChronobiologySuprachiasmatic nucleus

Question 4: However, due to ________, discerning between internal and external influences is often difficult.
Computational neuroscienceClaude BernardHomeostasisCybernetics

Question 5: In ________, something is endogenous if it is actually the result of the action for which it is generally labeled the cause.
Political philosophySocial sciencesPolitical sciencePhilosophy

Question 6: For example, in a supply and demand model of an agricultural market, changes in the weather or in consumer tastes would be exogenous variables that might shift the supply and demand curves; the ________ and quantity of trade would be the endogenous variables explained by the model.
PricingMarginal utilityPriceAustrian School

Question 7: All processes that take place inside ________ (and other planets) are considered endogenous.

Question 8: ________ are caused by ancient infections of germ cells in humans, mammals and other vertebrates.
Human T-lymphotropic virusEndogenous retrovirusFeline leukemia virusHuman foamy virus

Question 9: They make the ________ migrate, push the mountains up, and trigger earthquakes and volcanism.
AsiaNorth AmericaEuropeContinent

Question 10: In some biological systems, endogeneity refers to the recipient of ________ (usually in prokaryotes).


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