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Question 1: Endemism can also occur in biologically isolated areas such as the highlands of ________, or large bodies of water like Lake Baikal.

Question 2: According to the ________, the following ecoregions have the highest percentage of endemic plants:
World Wide Fund for NatureConservation biologySustainabilityNatural environment

Question 3: An ________, also known as a naturalized or exotic species, is an organism that is not indigenous to a given place or area.
Invasive speciesIntroduced speciesExtinctionBiodiversity

Question 4: There were millions of both Bermuda Petrels and "Bermuda cedars" (actually junipers) in ________ when it was settled at the start of the 17th century.
Cayman IslandsBermudaAnguillaBritish Virgin Islands

Question 5: Hawaiian tropical dry forests (________)
United StatesAlaskaCanadaPhilippines

Question 6: For example, many species of lemur are endemic to the island of ________.
MozambiqueMaldivesMadagascarSaint Helena

Question 7: ________ (United States)
Canoe plantsHawaiian tropical dry forestsHawaiian lobelioidsHawaiian tropical rainforests

Question 8: Sierra Madre de Oaxaca and Sierra Madre del Sur pine-oak forests (Mexico, ________)
GuatemalaNicaraguaCosta RicaEl Salvador

Question 9: Endemism is the ________ state of being unique to a particular geographic location, such as a specific island, habitat type, nation or other defined zone.

Question 10: Endemics can easily become ________ or extinct because of their restricted habitat and vulnerability to the actions of man, including the introduction of new organisms.
CheetahPolar bearTigerEndangered species


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