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Question 1: For example, chickenpox is endemic (steady state) in the ________, but malaria is not.
CanadaEnglandUnited KingdomWales

Question 2: It should be noted that while it might be common to say that ________ is "endemic" in Africa, this is a use of the word in its colloquial form (meaning found in an area).
AIDSHIVICD-10 Chapter I: Certain infectious and parasitic diseasesAIDS dementia complex

Question 3: Every year, there are a few cases of malaria acquired in the UK, but these do not lead to sustained transmission in the population due to the lack of a suitable vector (mosquitoes of the genus ________).

Question 4: If a disease is in endemic steady state in a population, the relation above allows us to estimate the R0 (an important ________) of a particular infection.
ParameterProbability distributionMoment (mathematics)Statistics

Question 5: This takes account of the ________ of each individual to whom the disease may be transmitted actually being susceptible to it, effectively discounting the immune sector of the population.
ProbabilityRandom variableStatisticsFrequency probability

Question 6: In ________, an infection is said to be endemic (from Greek en- in or within + demos people) in a population when that infection is maintained in the population without the need for external inputs.
NutritionEpidemiologyPublic healthHuman nutrition


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