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Question 1: Examples: Javan Tiger, Thylacine, Dodo, Passenger Pigeon, Tyrannosaurus, Caribbean Monk Seal, Dimetrodon, ________

Question 2: Also, over-exploitation, ________ (Wilcove & Master, 2008, p.

Question 3: ________ is another factor that causes many species to become endangered, especially a large proportion of aquatic life.
Water pollutionMarine pollutionAir pollutionPollution

Question 4: Internationally, 190 countries have signed an accord agreeing to create ________ to protect endangered and other threatened species.
Convention on Biological DiversityBiodiversity Action PlanOverpopulationConservation biology

Question 5: Under the ________ in the United States, "endangered" is the more protected of the two categories.
Endangered Species ActBill ClintonBald EagleGeorge W. Bush

Question 6: ________ uses the term endangered species as a specific category of imperilment, rather than as a general term.
IUCN Red ListConservation statusInternational Union for Conservation of NatureExtinction

Question 7: Conservation experts view the effect of China's ________ on the wild turtle populations of China and South-Eastern Asia - many of which are endangered - as "poorly understood".
Aquaculture in ChinaAquacultureShrimp farmTurtle farming

Question 8: ________, Europe's most endangered mammal
BobcatRed FoxIberian LynxDarwin's Fox

Question 9: Critically endangered: faces an extremely high risk of ________ in the immediate future.
EvolutionExtinctionConservation biologyHolocene extinction

Question 10: ________
MalaysiaPhilippinesCyprusUnited States Fish and Wildlife Service list of endangered species

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