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Question 1: The pure gospel of ________ is to be restored, and taught in His church (this has happened, on April 6, 1830).
New TestamentApostle (Christian)New Testament view on Jesus' lifeJesus

Question 2: The time of his birth and ________ are uncertain but a number of 20th-century historians have dated his lifetime from circa 563 BC to 483 BC.
Death and cultureBurialImmortalityDeath

Question 3: Wars will be poured out upon all nations (could refer to World War II, as this somehow involved almost every country on Earth except from ________ and a few African countries).
MalaysiaCambodiaUnited Arab EmiratesBhutan

Question 4: In Judaism the term “End of Days” is taken from the Tanakh, Numbers 24:4, as a reference to the Messianic era and the Jewish belief in the coming of ________.
KabbalahJewish eschatologyJewish messianismNevi'im

Question 5: Priesthood authority, which had been lost in the ________, to be restored (this happened in May 1829).
Catholic ChurchEarly ChristianityChristianityGreat Apostasy

Question 6: Hindu traditional prophecies, as described in the ________ and several other texts, say that the world shall fall into chaos and degradation.
PuranasBhavishya PuranaAgni PuranaBhagavata Purana

Question 7: For some, Israel, the ________, or the United Nations are seen as major players whose roles are foretold in scriptures.
DenmarkGermanyEuropean ParliamentEuropean Union

Question 8: Ingathering of the scattered Jewish exiles to geographic ________,
ArmeniaGreeceUnited StatesIsrael

Question 9: Ancient Greek mythology claimed that Zeus, as he had previously overthrown his father, ________, would in turn also be overthrown by a son.
Rhea (mythology)Tethys (mythology)CronusOceanus

Question 10: A meeting of priesthood leaders with angelic beings and Christ in ________ (this has not occurred).
Temple LotWashington D.C. TempleAdam-ondi-AhmanFar West, Missouri


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