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Question 1: ________ (1978-2005)
Catholic ChurchPope Paul VIPope Pius XIPope John Paul II

Question 2: ________ (1878-1903)
Pope John Paul IIPope Leo XIIIPope Paul VIPope Pius XI

Question 3: The Roman Catholic Church generally only uses this term for Papal encyclicals, but the Eastern Orthodox Church and the ________ retain the older usage.
AnglicanismEpiscopal Church (United States)CatholicismAnglican Communion

Question 4: ________ (2005 to present)
Catholic ChurchPope John Paul IIPope Benedict XVIPope Paul VI

Question 5: ________ (1963-1978)
Pope John Paul IIPope Pius XICatholic ChurchPope Paul VI

Question 6: Within ________ in recent times, an encyclical is generally used for significant issues, and is second in importance only to the highest ranking document now issued by popes, an Apostolic Constitution.
East–West SchismCatholicismCrusadesCatholic Church

Question 7: Pope Paul VI spoke about the war in Vietnam and Pope John Paul II, issued a protest against the war in ________ using the medium of speeches.

Question 8: ________ held that Papal Encyclicals, even when they are not ex cathedra, can nonetheless be sufficiently authoritative to end theological debate on a particular question:
Pope John Paul IIPope Benedict XVIPope Pius XIIPope Paul VI

Question 9: The word comes from ________ encyclia (from the Greek "en kyklo, ἐν κύκλῳ") meaning "general" or "encircling", which is also the origin of the word "encyclopedia".
LatinVulgar LatinOld LatinRoman Empire

Question 10: ________ (1914-1922)
Pope Paul VIPope Benedict XVPope John Paul IIPope Pius XI


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