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Question 1: ________ - an obstetric form, often occurring due to lack of oxygen in bloodflow to brain-tissue of the fetus during labour or delivery
Transient ischemic attackCerebrovascular diseaseVascular diseaseCerebral hypoxia

Question 2: ________ may be prescribed to reduce or halt any seizures.
DepressantMood stabilizerAnticonvulsantDissociative

Question 3: [1] In modern usage, encephalopathy does not refer to a single ________, but rather to a syndrome of global brain dysfunction; this syndrome can be caused by many different illnesses.
DiseaseInfectionMental disorderPathology

Question 4: For example, ________ diseases, all of which cause transmissible spongiform encephalopathies, are invariably fatal and have an infectious origin, but other encephalopathies are reversible and can be caused by nutritional deficiencies, toxins, and several other causes.
Kuru (disease)PrionProteinCreutzfeldt–Jakob disease

Question 5: Includes ________ (mad cow disease), scrapie, and kuru among others.
CanadaUnited KingdomUnited StatesBovine spongiform encephalopathy

Question 6: ________ - Arising from advanced cirrhosis of the liver
Acute liver failureHepatitisAscending cholangitisHepatic encephalopathy

Question 7: Blood tests, spinal fluid examination by ________, imaging studies, electroencephalograms and similar diagnostic studies may be used to differentiate the various causes of encephalopathy.
Nervous systemNeurosurgerySurgeryLumbar puncture

Question 8: ________ - A collection of diseases all caused by prions, and characterized by "spongy" brain tissue (riddled with holes), impaired locomotion or coordination, and a 40 out of 40 fatality rate.
Kuru (disease)Fatal familial insomniaTransmissible spongiform encephalopathyCreutzfeldt–Jakob disease

Question 9: Encephalopathy /ɛnˌsɛfəˈlɒpəθi/ literally means disorder or disease of the ________.
Sensory systemDigestionBrainNervous system

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