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Enantiornithes: Quiz


Question 1: Eoenantiornis, a more derived genus) and the latest from the Late ________ of North and South America (e.g.
Geologic time scaleDinosaurCretaceous–Tertiary extinction eventCretaceous

Question 2: Enantiornithine birds went extinct at the K-T boundary, along with hesperornithine birds and all other non-avian ________, and many other life forms.

Question 3: Enantiornithes is an extinct group of primitive ________.
NeognathaeBirdModern birdsArchaeopteryx

Question 4: Considered together, these not too closely-related animals suggest that auxiliary leg feathers may have been a recurring feature in the evolution and refinement of flight in ________.

Question 5: On the other hand, ________ might be closer to Enantiornithes than to living birds rather than about equally distinct from both, which in turn would render the Ornithothoraces meaningless too.

Question 6: The authors concluded that this association was a regurgitated pellet and, from the details of the digestion and the size, that the hatchlings were swallowed whole by a ________ or small theropod dinosaur.

Question 7: Enantiornithines were more advanced than ________ or Confuciusornis, but in several respects more primitive than all living birds (Neornithes), perhaps following an intermediate evolutionary path.
ArchaeopteryxPalaeognathaeModern birdsEnantiornithes

Question 8: Known fossils attributable to this group are exclusively ________ and it is believed that enantiornithines became extinct at the same time as their non-avian dinosaur relatives.
CarboniferousCretaceous–Tertiary extinction eventCretaceousGeologic time scale

Question 9: The earliest known enantiornithines are from the Early ________) of Spain (e.g.
CretaceousGeologic time scaleDinosaurCretaceous–Tertiary extinction event

Question 10: The smallest are described as ________-sized, but some were much larger, such as Avisaurus which had an estimated wingspan of 1.2 meters (4 ft).
SparrowHouse SparrowPasserEurasian Tree Sparrow


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