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Empty tomb: Quiz


Question 1: According to John, this visit was on the first day of the week (Sunday, the day after ________, the end of the Jewish week), while it was still dark.
ShabbatHebrew calendarPassoverJewish holiday

Question 2: Scholars who believe that the Mark gospel is a gnostic document, often see the person in the tomb as the mysterious initiate mentioned in the Secret Gospel of Mark, and hence as the Beloved Disciple, identified, by implication, as ________.
LazarusMary MagdaleneMarthaSaint Stephen

Question 3: The level of detail that the author of the Gospel According to John adds to this section is to ________ evidence that the author was an eyewitness, but C.K.
Joseph Barber LightfootRichard NeileBrooke Foss WestcottRichard Foxe

Question 4: What became of the grave clothes after the disciples have seen them is not described in the Bible, though some works of the ________ do make mention of it.
Old TestamentBiblical canonNew Testament apocryphaChristian biblical canons

Question 5: Although Christ's body had been laid out in the tomb after crucifixion and death, the tomb is found to be empty, the body gone, and a young man or ________(s) within the tomb tells the women that Christ has risen.
ArchangelMichael (archangel)JesusAngel

Question 6: Some have linked the two angels guarding the tomb with the pair that were traditionally said to guard the ________, but Wetstein has advanced a thesis linking the pair of angels to the pair of criminals who were crucified alongside Jesus.
Raiders of the Lost ArkTabernacleArk of the CovenantSolomon's Temple

Question 7: None of the four ________ gives an inclusive or definitive account of the Resurrection of Jesus or of his appearances.
New TestamentGospelHoly SpiritApostle (Christian)

Question 8: Mark 16, the final chapter of the ________, beginning with the discovery of the empty tomb
Gospel of JohnGospel of MarkGospel of MatthewGospel of Luke

Question 9: [1] These accounts describe the first biblical references of the ________.
Resurrection of JesusCrucifixion of JesusTimeline of ChristianityMinistry of Jesus

Question 10: John on the other hand makes no mention of such ritual, and the apocryphal, but heterodox, ________ claims that she came to mourn, a view favoured by many modern-day heterodox Christians.
Gospel of JohnGospel of PeterSaint PeterJesus

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