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Empire Earth II: Quiz


Question 1: The first scenario is about the founding of the city of Tenochtitlan, followed by a scenario about the Spanish conquest of Mexico, which ends with the Aztecs driving out Hernán Cortés and his ________.
Paleo-IndiansConquistadorIndigenous Amerindian geneticsPre-Columbian era

Question 2: The first two scenarios are about the founding of the state of ________ and its first contacts with other Korean states and China, followed by scenarios about Korea's first wars with the Chinese and other Korean states.
GojoseonBalhaeBuyeo kingdomGoguryeo

Question 3: When the player wins the last scenario in this campaign, there is a short film about mankind and the ________.

Question 4: The Three Kingdoms recreates the period after the end of the ________, where the player can play as the Kingdom of Wei or the Wu Kingdom, either winning historically as the Wei or changing history as the Wu.
Tang DynastySong DynastyMing DynastyHan Dynasty

Question 5: The next scenarios are fictionalised, about an attempted coup lead by a disillusioned General Charles Blackworth against the US government; the player is charged with stopping this coup, eventually engaging Blackworth and his followers in the ________.
Amazon RiverAmazon RainforestSouth AmericaBrazil

Question 6: The Greek ________, for instance, is a more effective heavy infantry than other tribes counterparts.
Ancient Greek warfareGreco-Persian WarsHoplitePhalanx formation

Question 7: The main resources are available in all epochs and they are ________, wood, gold, and stone.
CookingMedieval cuisineMeatFood

Question 8: The tutorial campaign features the ________, featuring four scenarios to allow players to learn the gameplay.
Inca EmpireMesoamerican chronologyPre-Columbian eraAztec

Question 9: Empire Earth was generally well received scoring 8.9 out of 10 by IGN,[7] and 8.0 by ________.

Question 10: The next scenarios follow the Korean civil war and the state of ________'s decision to ally with China, and its eventual conqust over the other Korean states.

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