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Question 1:
Which of the following languages is spoken in Empire (magazine)?

Question 2:
Who of the following is an editor of Empire (magazine)?
Mark Ginsburg, David Post, Heidi Ross
Mark Stepp
Mark Dinning
Mark Donald

Question 3:
What is the frequency of Empire (magazine)?
monthly ; bimonthly 1941-1946.
Weekly / Monthly / Quarterly
quarterly or monthly

Question 4: ________ (Issue 236, February 2009)
I VitelloniLa Dolce VitaFederico Fellini

Question 5:
Where does Empire (magazine) come from?

Question 6: It is the biggest selling film magazine in Britain, consistently outselling its nearest market rival Total Film and is also published in ________, Turkey and Russia.
AustraliaCanadaUnited KingdomBarbados

Question 7:
Which of the following titles did Empire (magazine) have?
with Joe Thomas
The Prelude
Kitchen Sink Press

Question 8: ________ (Issue 221, November 2007)
Days of HeavenThe Thin Red Line (1998 film)Badlands (film)The New World (film)

Question 9: For example 10 Best Chase Scenes or 10 Best Movie Gags in ________.
The Simpsons MovieThe Simpsons (franchise)Bart SimpsonThe Simpsons

Question 10: Kim Newman's DVD Dungeon is a regular feature in the At Home section, in which critic ________ reviews the most obscure releases, mostly low budget horror movies.
Neil GaimanKim NewmanGeneviève DieudonnéAnno Dracula series

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