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Question 1: Japanese text can be emphasised in a similar way by writing the emphasised text entirely in ________ phonetic characters.

Question 2: If the text body is typeset in a serif typeface, it is also possible to highlight words by setting them in a ________ face; this practice is somewhat archaic.
FontSans-serifOblique typeItalic type

Question 3: The house styles of many publishers in the United States use ________ or all-uppercase letters to emphasise
French languageGerman languageCapitalizationSpanish language

Question 4: The reason for this particular German typographic convention can be seen in the traditional use of ________ typefaces, for which boldface was not feasible, since the letters were very dark in their standard format.
BlackletterCalligraphyLower caseTypographic ligature

Question 5: All-uppercase letters are a common form of emphasis where the medium lacks support for boldface, such as old ________, plain-text email, SMS and other text-messaging systems.
Blickensderfer typewriterE. Remington and SonsTypewriterIBM Selectric typewriter

Question 6: In Korean texts, a dot is placed above each ________ syllable block or hanja to be emphasized.
AlphabetBrāhmī scriptHebrew alphabetHangul

Question 7: In ________, emphasis is the exaggeration of words in a text with a font in a different style from the rest of the text—to emphasize them.
HyphenDashPrime (symbol)Typography

Question 8: For example, many dictionaries use a different color for headwords, and many ________ color the words of Jesus red.
Christianity and JudaismBiblical canonNevi'imBible

Question 9: In ________ and blackletter typography, it used to be common to emphasize words using letterspaced type.
Cyrillic alphabetYatGlagolitic alphabetPhoenician alphabet

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