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Question 1: At the other extreme, others (mostly interested non-Ethiopians) understand this as an expression of propaganda, attempting to connect the legitimacy of the state to the ________.
Eritrean Orthodox Tewahedo ChurchOriental OrthodoxyArmenian Apostolic ChurchEthiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church

Question 2: These potential rivals were incarcerated at Amba Geshen until ________ captured and destroyed that site; then, from the reign of Fasilides until the mid-18th century, at Wehni.
Somali peopleEthiopian–Adal WarAdal SultanateAhmad ibn Ibrihim al-Ghazi

Question 3: A ________ article called imperial Ethiopia "nominally a constitutional monarchy; in fact [it was] a benevolent autocracy."[1]
National Geographic SocietyNational Geographic (magazine)PlayboyCosmopolitan (magazine)

Question 4: The last Solomonic monarch to rule Ethiopia was ________, who was offered the throne by the Derg after his father Haile Selassie's deposition September 12, 1974.
Haile Selassie I of EthiopiaPrincess TenagneworkSecond Italo-Abyssinian WarAmha Selassie of Ethiopia

Question 5: Emperor Menelik II achieved a major military victory against Italian invaders in March 1896 at the ________, the first major victory of an African nation against a colonial power.
Scramble for AfricaBattle of AdwaMenelik II of EthiopiaFirst Italo-Ethiopian War

Question 6: ________ was preferred but not always enforced.

Question 7: The claim of descent from Menelik I is based on the assertion that the kings of Axum were also the descendants of Menelik I; its definitive and best-known formulation is set forth in the ________.
Rastafari movementSolomonBibleKebra Nagast

Question 8: The most famous post-Theodorean Emperors were Yohannes IV, Menelik II and ________.
Winston ChurchillDwight D. EisenhowerHaile Selassie I of EthiopiaMuammar al-Gaddafi

Question 9: The position of the Emperor and the Line of succession were strictly defined in both of the constitutions adopted during the reign of ________: the one adopted on July 16, 1931; and the revised one of November 1955.
Winston ChurchillMuammar al-GaddafiDwight D. EisenhowerHaile Selassie I of Ethiopia

Question 10: The Emperor was the ________ and head of government, with ultimate executive, judicial and legislative power in that country.
MonarchyHead of stateUnited KingdomMonarch


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