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Question 1: When he saw Li Mao's wife (his daughter-in-law) Princess Yang Yuhuan, however, he was infatuated with her, and he had her become a ________ nun and gave Li Mao the wife of the general Wei Zhaoxun (韋昭訓) as his new wife and princess.
PantheismEast Asian religionsTaoismBuddhism

Question 2: In 724, he also commissioned the chief imperial astronomer Nangong Shuo (南宮說) to carry out a major astronomical survey to observe the sun and the ________ at various points of the empire.
Celestial polePole starAsterism (astronomy)Axial precession (astronomy)

Question 3: On the western front, Gao Xianzhi suffered a major defeat at the Abbasid forces at the ________ in 751 as well, ending the Tang expansion to the west.
Abbasid CaliphateTang DynastyBattle of TalasArab people

Question 4: [29] Such generals who rose in ranks included ________, An Sishun, Geshu Han, and Gao Xianzhi.
An LushanLi GuangbiYang GuozhongShi Siming

Question 5: Its vassal ________ rose and became the dominant power of the region, but formally submitted to Tang as a vassal.
Uyghur KhaganateGöktürksTang DynastyUyghur people

Question 6: ________ (716, 720–729)
Li Yuanhong (Tang Dynasty)Yao ChongSong JingYuan Qianyao

Question 7: In 728, Emperor Xuanzong added the general ________ as a chancellor.
Xiao SongPei YaoqingWu ZetianLi Linfu

Question 8: However, later in the year, when ________ forces attacked, Emperor Xuanzong again commissioned Xue to defend against the attack, and Xue was able to repel the Tufan forces.
History of MongoliaTibetan EmpireTibetHistory of Tibet

Question 9: He, however, was blamed for overly trusting of Li Linfu, Yang Guozhong, and ________, with his reign and Tang's golden age ending in the Anshi Rebellion.
Shi SimingLi GuangbiTang DynastyAn Lushan

Question 10: The rebels quickly seized the eastern capital ________, and then the imperial capital Chang'an six months later.


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