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Question 1:
When did Emperor Taizong of Tang die?
Sacrificed her life to save Wren from Shadowen assassins.

Question 2:
Which of the following titles did Emperor Taizong of Tang have?

Question 3: Emperor Taizong asked his generals Qin Shubao and ________ to stand guard outside his bedroom to protect him from a vengeful spirit.
Xiao YuLi YuanjiLi ShijiYuchi Jingde

Question 4:

Question 5: In 631, Emperor Taizong established a ________ scheme, where the contributors to his reign were given, in addition to their current posts, additional posts as prefectural governors, to be passed on to their descendants.

Question 6: In fear, Li Yuan considered rebellion, and at that point, he did not know that Li Shimin had also been doing so—secretly discussing such plans with Li Yuan's associates Pei Ji and ________.
Liu WenjingLi JianchengYuwen HuajiXiao Yu

Question 7: The first thing that Li Shimin had to deal with was another incursion by Xue Ju, as Xue attacked Jing Prefecture (涇州, roughly modern Pingliang, ________) and Emperor Gaozu sent Li Shimin to resist Xue.
DunhuangGansuLinxia CityTianzhu Tibetan Autonomous County

Question 8: Wang sought aid ________ the Prince of Xia, who controlled most of modern Hebei.
Li Mi (Sui Dynasty)Wang ShichongLi ShijiDou Jiande

Question 9: He had himself made ________ (with the title of grand chancellor) and created the Prince of Tang.
RegentConstitutional monarchyMonarchyMonarch

Question 10: ________ (李泰), initially the Prince of Yidu (created 620), later the Prince of Wei (created 621), later the Prince of Yue (created 628), later the Prince of Wei (created 636), later demoted to the Prince of Donglai (demoted 643), later the Prince of Shunyang (created 643), later Prince Gong of Pu (created 647)
Fang XuanlingLi ChengqianLi TaiZhangsun Wuji


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