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Emperor Shirakawa: Quiz


Question 1: Jōryaku 1, in the 1st month (1077): Shirakawa went to the ________; and he visited Kiyomizu-dera and other Buddhist temples.
Kamigamo ShrineShimogamo ShrineTadasu no MoriKamo Shrine

Question 2: (善子内親王)—Rokkaku >saigū (Imperial Princess serving at the ________)
ShintoShinto shrineGlossary of ShintoIse Grand Shrine

Question 3: After the death of Emperor Horikawa, Shirakawa's grandson became ________.
Emperor TobaEmperor RokujōEmperor Go-TobaEmperor Go-Shirakawa

Question 4: Eihō 1, on the 15th day of the 4th month (1081): The Buddhist Temple of ________ was set on fire by the monks of a rival sect on Mt.
Byōdō-inMii-deraGenpei WarSōhei

Question 5: Kahō 2, in the 4th month (1095): Emperor Horikawa paid visits to the Shinto Iwashimizu Shrine and to the Shinto ________.
Tadasu no MoriKamigamo ShrineShimogamo ShrineKamo Shrine

Question 6: ________ 1, in the 5th month (1087): Daijō-tennō Shirakawa retired himself to Uji.
Radical 51KanjiRadical 213Radical 102

Question 7: Before his ascension to the ________, his personal name (his imina)[2] was Sadahito-shinnō (貞仁親王).
Emperor JimmuEmperor KōtokuEmperor TemmuChrysanthemum Throne

Question 8: A ________ was put in place, but Shirakawa attempted to rule directly, like his father.
Sesshō and KampakuEmperor Go-SuzakuEmperor En'yūEmperor Ichijō

Question 9: Emperor Shirakawa (白河天皇 Shirakawa-tennō) (July 7, 1053 – July 24, 1129) was the 72nd emperor of ________, according to the traditional order of succession.
United KingdomCambodiaJapanCanada


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