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Question 1: [15] Shōmu's officially designated Imperial misasagi or tomb can be visited today in Horenji-cho, Tenri City near ________.
TokyoNara, NaraKobeKyoto

Question 2: Emperor Shōmu (聖武天皇 Shōmu Tennō) (701 – June 4 756[1]) was the 45th Emperor of ________, according to the traditional order of succession.
CambodiaUnited KingdomCanadaJapan

Question 3: At the time, this was such a massive undertaking that later chroniclers accuse him of having completely exhausted the country's reserves of ________ and precious metals.

Question 4: In addition he commissioned the observance of the ohigan holiday for both spring and autumnal ________.

Question 5: Before his ascension to the ________, his personal name (his imina)[3] is not clearly known, but he was known as Oshi-hiraki Toyosakura-hiko-no-mikoto.
Chrysanthemum ThroneEmperor JimmuEmperor TemmuEmperor Kōtoku


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