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Question 1: After his father became emperor in 180 BC, then-Prince Qi was created ________ in 179 BC.
United KingdomMonarchyCrown princeSpain

Question 2: The issue of dealing with powerful princes would soon erupt into a war later known as the ________.
History of the Han DynastyScience and technology of the Han DynastyEnd of the Han DynastyRebellion of the Seven States

Question 3: He continued his father Emperor Wen's policy of general non-interference with the people, reduced tax and other burdens, and thriftiness, due to ________ influences of his mother Empress Dou.
TaoismEast Asian religionsBuddhismPantheism

Question 4: Zhao sought assistance from ________, but while Xiongnu initially agreed to help, it did not actually enter the war.
Jin Dynasty (265–420)XiongnuXianbeiHan Dynasty

Question 5: This move consolidated central power which paved the way for the glorious and long reign of his son ________.
Han DynastyXinjiangEmperor Wu of HanHistory of the Han Dynasty

Question 6: Liu Che (劉徹), Prince of Jiaodong (created 153 BC), then Crown Prince (created 150 BC), later ________
XinjiangHan DynastyEmperor Wu of HanHistory of the Han Dynasty

Question 7: Wu also sought assistance from the independent kingdoms of Donghai (modern Zhejiang) and Minyue (modern ________), and both kingdoms contributed forces.

Question 8: His reign saw the limit and curtailment of power of feudal princes which resulted in the ________ in 154 BC.
Science and technology of the Han DynastyHistory of the Han DynastyRebellion of the Seven StatesEnd of the Han Dynasty

Question 9: (He would later reduce the penalty again in 144 BC.) He also continued his father's policy of heqin (marriage treaties) with ________, which largely avoided large conflicts with that northern neighbor.
Han DynastyXiongnuXianbeiJin Dynasty (265–420)

Question 10: At the same time, his mother was created ________.
EmperorMonarchByzantine EmpirePrince


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