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Empathy: Quiz


Question 1:
Who played Neighbor/Nurse #2 the telemovie Empathy?
Mollie Coy
Amy Abercrombie
Aria Knee
Amy Abercrombie

Question 2: Mirrored emotion by Jean Decety from the ________.
Northwestern UniversityIllinois Institute of TechnologyUniversity of ChicagoUniversity of Illinois at Chicago

Question 3:
What role did Jillian Jacobs play in the telemovie Empathy?
Neighbor/Nurse #2
Nurse #1/Bar Maid
The Daughter

Question 4:
Who played Nurse #1/Bar Maid the telemovie Empathy?
Aria Knee
Mollie Coy
Jillian Jacobs
Amy Abercrombie

Question 5: For instance, ________ (fMRI) has been employed to investigate the functional anatomy of empathy.
Contrast-enhanced ultrasoundMedical imagingPositron emission tomographyFunctional magnetic resonance imaging

Question 6: To hear a definition of empathy given by Marshall Rosenberg (________), through a parallel between empathy and surf.
Nonviolent CommunicationSerbiaGuiltMalaysia

Question 7: Examples include ________ saving humans (sympathy) from drowning or from shark attacks, and a multitude of behaviors observed in primates, both in captivity and in the wild.
DolphinBottlenose dolphinCetaceaToothed whale

Question 8:
Who played Anne the telemovie Empathy?
Aria Knee
Aria Knee
Mollie Coy
Amy Abercrombie

Question 9: ________: A sense of similarity in feelings experienced by the self and the other, without confusion between the two individuals.[8][9]
Cognitive neuroscienceEmpathyJean DecetyEmpathic concern

Question 10: In some works of science fiction and ________, empathy is understood to be a paranormal or psychic ability to sense the emotions of others, as opposed to telepathy, which allows one to perceive thoughts as well.
Speculative fictionFantasyNovelFairy tale

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