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Empathic concern: Quiz


Question 1: Empathic concern is thought to emerge later developmental and to require more self-control than either ________ or personal distress.
Emotional intelligenceEmpathyEmotional contagionDissociative identity disorder

Question 2: [2][3] These other-oriented emotions include feelings of tenderness, sympathy, ________, soft-heartedness, and the like.

Question 3: Empathic concern is often and wrongly confused with ________.

Question 4: Notably, a variety of reports on ape empathic reactions suggest that, apart from emotional connectedness, ________ have an explicit appreciation of the other’s situation.

Question 5: Both personal disposition such as ________ and social context contribute to individual differences in concern for others.
Myers-Briggs Type IndicatorTemperamentFour TemperamentsNeuroscience

Question 6: Some developmental psychologists have hypothesized that empathic concern for others are essential factors inhibiting ________ toward others.
Major urinary proteinsTestosteroneEstradiolAggression

Question 7: At the behavioral level it is evident from the descriptions of comparative psychologists and ethologists that behaviors homologous to empathic concern can be observed in other ________ species.
Mammal classificationMammalEven-toed ungulatePrimate

Question 8: Empathic concern may produce an ________ motivation to reduce the other person's distress.
AltruismVirtueConscienceEastern philosophy

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