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Question 1: With lighting and ________: 36 million polygons per second
CloudMeteorologyFogCloud condensation nuclei

Question 2: The second VPU, VPU1, is dedicated to geometry-transformations and lighting and operates independently, parallel to the CPU core, controlled by ________.
Central processing unitMicrocodeInstruction setReduced instruction set computer

Question 3: The majority of the Emotion Engine's ________ performance is provided by two vector processing units (VPU), designated VPU0 and VPU1.
Primitive data typeFloating pointFixed-point arithmeticArbitrary-precision arithmetic

Question 4: The CPU core is a two-way ________ in-order RISC processor.
MultithreadingVector processorInstruction level parallelismSuperscalar

Question 5: The Emotion Engine is a ________ developed and manufactured by Sony Computer Entertainment and Toshiba for use in the Sony PlayStation 2 video game console, as well as certain PlayStation 3 variants.
MicroprocessorCentral processing unit64-bitReduced instruction set computer

Question 6: The primary use of the Emotion Engine was to serve as the ________'s CPU.
PlayStation PortableSony Computer EntertainmentPlayStation 3PlayStation 2

Question 7: Image decompression: 150 million ________ per second
PixelDisplay resolutionRGB color modelColor Graphics Adapter

Question 8: The first versions of the ________ also featured an Emotion Engine on the motherboard to achieve backwards compatibility with PlayStation 2 games.
Sony Computer EntertainmentPlayStation 3 hardwarePlayStation PortablePlayStation 3

Question 9: A combined 48 double entry instruction and data ________ is provided for translating virtual addresses.
Operating systemTranslation lookaside bufferMemory management unitPage table

Question 10: ________ is achieved by a 64-entry branch target address cache and a branch history table that is integrated into the instruction cache.
Intel CorporationReduced instruction set computerBranch predictorItanium


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