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Question 1: The ________ and Java-based application allows users to create a short animation.
Adobe FlashAdobe DreamweaverAdobe Flash PlayerAdobe After Effects

Question 2: In web forums, instant messengers and ________, text emoticons are often automatically replaced with small corresponding images, which came to be called emoticons as well.
Video gameOnline gameVideo game genresPersonal computer game

Question 3: The use of emoticons can be traced back to the ________ and were commonly used in casual and/or humorous writing.
19th century18th centuryEugène DelacroixRomanticism

Question 4: In ________, the emoticons :-), =), =(, :) and :( were trademarked in 2006 for use with various products and services.

Question 5: A number of ________ have been filed on inventions that assist in communicating with emoticons.
Patent applicationPatent prosecutionNovelty (patent)Japanese patent law

Question 6:
Emoticon, Ouroboros and Hazard symbol are all:
Internet culture Internet forum terminology Internet slang Pictograms

Question 7:
Emoticon, Charice Pempengco and Zinedine Zidane are all:
Email Internet slang Internet memes On-line chat

Question 8: English-language ________ forums adopted those emoticons that could be used with the standard ASCII characters available on western keyboards.
Traditional animationAnimeSilhouette animationAnimation

Question 9: The idea was to indicate tongue-in-cheek — the ________ represented a tongue, not a nose:
TypographyDashHyphenQuotation mark

Question 10: In 1963 the "________", a yellow button with two black dots representing eyes and an upturned thick curve representing a mouth, was created by freelance artist Harvey Ball.
SmileyEmoticonBomb the BassAlan Moore

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