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Question 1: Emma's religious beliefs were founded on ________ which emphasises inner feeling over the authority of religious texts or doctrine.
UnitarianismUnitarian Christian AssociationChristian UniversalismUnitarian Universalist Christian Fellowship

Question 2: When her father went to collect them he was accompanied by Caroline Darwin and also took Charles Darwin as far as ________, where they all met up again before returning home in July 1827.
VersaillesMarseilleParisÉvry, Essonne

Question 3: At Maer on 31 August 1831 she was with her family when they helped Charles Darwin to overturn his father's objections to ________.
Charles Darwin's religious viewsSecond voyage of HMS BeagleThe Structure and Distribution of Coral ReefsThe Voyage of the Beagle

Question 4: In Downe Emma attended the Anglican village church, but as a Unitarian had the family turn round in silence when the Trinitarian ________ was recited.
Agnus DeiNicene CreedLord's PrayerKyrie

Question 5: Emma often played the piano for Charles, and in Charles' 1871 ________, Darwin spent several pages on the evolution of musical ability by means of sexual selection.
On the Origin of SpeciesPublication of Darwin's theoryCharles DarwinThe Descent of Man, and Selection in Relation to Sex

Question 6: She was keen on outdoor sports and became a "Dragoness" at ________.
LongbowEnglish longbowBow (weapon)Archery

Question 7: Emma Darwin née Wedgwood (2 May 1808 – 7 October 1896) was the wife of ________, the English naturalist and author of On the Origin of Species.
Charles Darwin's educationEvolutionCharles Darwin's religious viewsCharles Darwin

Question 8: In 1826 she went with her sister Fanny to stay with their Aunt Jessie (Madame de Sismondi, wife of the historian Jean Charles Leonard de Sismondi) for eight months near ________.

Question 9: After Charles' death, Emma spent the summers in Down House, and bought a large house called The Grove on Huntingdon Road in ________, where she lived during the winters.

Question 10: Darwin had already wondered about the ________ implied by his ideas.


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