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Emergency power system: Quiz


Question 1: ________, Fire alarm systems and the electric motor pumps for the fire sprinklers are almost always on emergency power.
JapanHong KongUnited StatesExit sign

Question 2: ________ (SMPS)
DC-to-DC converterSwitched-mode power supplyCapacitorTransformer

Question 3: Under these circumstances, the emergency station supply must kick in to avoid damage to any equipment and to prevent hazardous situations such as the release of ________ gas from generators to the local environment.

Question 4: Emergency power systems were used as early as ________ on naval ships.
World War IISoviet occupationsCollaboration with the Axis Powers during World War IISecond Sino-Japanese War

Question 5: Emergency power systems can rely on generators, deep cycle batteries, ________ or hydrogen fuel cells.
Flywheel energy storageRegenerative brakeGrid energy storageElectric locomotive

Question 6: Usually, these generators are ________ driven, although smaller buildings may use a gasoline engine driven generator and larger ones a gas turbine.
Internal combustion engineDiesel engineHot bulb engineTwo-stroke engine

Question 7: They find uses in a wide variety of settings from residential homes to hospitals, scientific laboratories, ________[1], telecommunication[2] equipment and modern naval ships.
Colocation centreData centerHewlett-PackardServer (computing)

Question 8: To achieve this, extra equipment such as ________, inverters, or a sometimes a complete uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is used.
Transient voltage suppression diodeSurge protectorVaristorPower strip

Question 9: In combat, a ship may lose the function of its ________, which power the steam driven turbines for the generator.
Steam engineReciprocating engineStirling engineHeat engine

Question 10: The next (upcoming) generation of nuclear power plants includes some designs with multiple independent banks of EDGs (as in the ________ [7]).
Advanced Boiling Water ReactorBoiling water reactorNuclear reactor technologyLight water reactor


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