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Question 1: A rare type of emerald known as a trapiche emerald is occasionally found in the mines of ________.
Valle del Cauca DepartmentColombian armed conflict (1964–present)Quindío DepartmentColombia

Question 2:
What transport system is Emerald served by?
Hexagonal Space Group: P 63
Orthorhombic with pseudo hexagonal aggregates
Hexagonal dihexagonal dipyramidal

Question 3: Luminescence in ________ is considered a supplementary test when making a natural vs.
Visible spectrumUltravioletElectromagnetic spectrumX-ray

Question 4: Emerald is regarded as the traditional birthstone for May, as well as the traditional gemstone for the ________ of Taurus, Cancer and sometimes Gemini.
Western astrologyAstrological signEssential dignityZodiac

Question 5: XI, 11) which referred to ________.
JesusJohn the BaptistYahya ibn ZakariyyaZechariah (priest)

Question 6: Frank Baum's The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, the city where the wizard rules is made of emerald, thus being called ________.
Yellow brick roadL. Frank BaumThe Road to OzEmerald City

Question 7: Emeralds are a variety of the mineral ________ (Be3Al2(SiO3)6,) colored green by trace amounts of chromium and sometimes vanadium.
BerylUnited StatesTopazTourmaline

Question 8: The U.S. ________ (FTC) has very strict regulations as to what can and what cannot be called "synthetic" stone.
Competition lawCompetition regulatorClayton Antitrust ActFederal Trade Commission

Question 9: Hydrothermal synthetic emeralds have been attributed to IG Farben, Nacken, Tairus, and others, but the first satisfactory commercial product was that of Johann Lechleitner of Innsbruck, ________, which appeared on the market in the 1960s.
Czech RepublicPolandAustriaHungary

Question 10: [9] In 1998 emeralds were discovered in the ________.
YukonNorthwest TerritoriesCanadaBritish Columbia

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