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Embryonic diapause: Quiz


Question 1: Some groups only have one species that undergoes embryonic diapause, such as the roe deer in the order ________.
Even-toed ungulateHippopotamusRuminantiaBovid

Question 2: Mammals use embryonic diapause to time the birth of their offspring for favorable ________ and/or environmental conditions.
Amino acidMetabolism3-hydroxy-3-methylglutaryl-CoA lyaseLipid metabolism

Question 3: The term ________ is also used to refer to the temporary partial or complete metabolic suspension in various life stages of insects and plants.

Question 4: Facultative diapause is a mechanism that is associated with metabolic stress, normally ________.
Estrous cycleMenstrual cycleLactationPregnancy

Question 5: ________ has a large energy cost and it is to a female's benefit to have ideal conditions (e.g.
AnimalReproductionSexCell (biology)

Question 6: Some mammals that undergo embryonic diapause include rodents, ________, mustelids (e.g.
CaniformiaBearGray WolfBrown Bear

Question 7: This mechanism occurs as a regular part of the reproductive cycle in many of the pinnipeds, mustelids, ursids, ________, one species of fruit bat, and the roe deer.

Question 8: Delayed Implantation or Embryonic Diapause (Tess in APES) is a reproductive strategy used by close to 100 different ________ in seven different orders.
MammalMammal classificationPrimateEven-toed ungulate

Question 9: In embryonic diapause, the embryo (blastocyst) does not immediately implant in the uterus, but is maintained in a state of ________.


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