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Question 1: For systems using digital signal processing, developers may use a math workbench such as Scilab / Scicos, MATLAB / Simulink, ________, MathCad, or Mathematica to simulate the mathematics.
Operating systemC (programming language)Proprietary softwareEICASLAB

Question 2: Debugging: ________, ISP, ICSP, BDM Port, BITP DP9 port ...
IEEE 802.3IEEE 802.11n-2009IEEE 754-2008Joint Test Action Group

Question 3: The program instructions written for embedded systems are referred to as firmware, and are stored in read-only memory or ________ chips.
Flash memoryDynamic random access memoryEEPROMRandom-access memory

Question 4: Many household appliances, such as microwave ovens, washing machines and ________, are including embedded systems to provide flexibility, efficiency and features.

Question 5: An in-circuit debugger (ICD), a hardware device that connects to the microprocessor via a ________ or Nexus interface.
IEEE 754-2008IEEE 802.11n-2009IEEE 802.3Joint Test Action Group

Question 6: Designing with a ________ (TCB) architecture[6] ensures a highly secure & reliable system environment
Kernel (computing)ComputerOperating systemTrusted computing base

Question 7: Consumer electronics include personal digital assistants (PDAs), mp3 players, mobile phones, videogame consoles, ________, DVD players, GPS receivers, and printers.
Digital photographyDigital single-lens reflex cameraRGB color modelDigital camera

Question 8: By contrast, a general-purpose computer, such as a ________ (PC), is designed to be flexible and to meet a wide range of end-user needs.
Personal computerNetbookMicrocomputerLaptop

Question 9: For example, ________, personal digital assistants and other consumer computers often need significant software that is purchased or provided by a person other than the manufacturer of the electronics.
Mobile phone4GSmartphoneUniversal Mobile Telecommunications System

Question 10: An embedded system is a ________ designed to perform one or a few dedicated functions[1][2] often with real-time computing constraints.
Central processing unitComputerLinuxPersonal computer


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