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Embarq: Quiz


Question 1: This was a partnership owned by ________ and United Telecom.
GTEC&P TelephoneVerizon CommunicationsDiamond State Telephone

Question 2: When ________ released EXECUNET, SPCC went to court with the FCC to get the right to offer switched services.
American Telephone & TelegraphSprint NextelMCI CommunicationsAT&T

Question 3: In 1980 United Telecom launched a national ________ data service, Uninet.
OSI modelFrame RelayIntegrated Services Digital NetworkX.25

Question 4: In ________, GTE Sprint was merged with GTE Telenet, US Telecom, Uninet, and ISACOMM to form US Sprint.

Question 5: Embarq utilizes the ________ band, and their handsets connect primarily to Sprint PCS towers.
Media Access ControlOrthogonal frequency-division multiple accessCode division multiple accessMulti-carrier code division multiple access

Question 6: Embarq previously worked with NebuAd, a ________ advertising company to track customers' internet browsing habits.
Behavioral targetingDigital footprintPhormOnline advertising

Question 7: Depending on market and geographical region, Embarq offers several technologies under the ________ name.
Satellite Internet accessBroadband Internet accessWiMAXIntegrated Services Digital Network

Question 8: [5] Additional markets, such as parts of Las Vegas, Nevada, North Carolina and Florida are serviced through fiber-to-the-premises (________).
ModemWi-FiFiber to the xBroadband Internet access

Question 9: The Sprint Corporation was founded in ________ by Cleyson Leroy Brown under the name of the "Brown Telephone Company" in the small town of Abilene, Kansas.

Question 10: On June 2, 2009, CenturyTel and Embarq announced that the combined entity would be called ________.
Verizon CommunicationsAT&TCenturyLinkSprint Nextel


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