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Emanuel Lasker: Quiz


Question 1: O'Connor, John J.; Robertson, Edmund F., "Emanuel Lasker", MacTutor History of Mathematics archive, ________,  .
University of St AndrewsUniversity of GlasgowUniversity of CambridgeUniversity of Oxford

Question 2: [27][65 ] In 1940 he published his last book, The Community of the Future, in which he proposed solutions for serious political problems, including ________ and unemployment.
JewsThe HolocaustAntisemitismRacial antisemitism

Question 3: [76 ] When Lasker resigned the title in favor of Capablanca he was unaware that enthusiasts in ________ had just raised $20,000 to fund the match provided it was played there.
San Juan, Puerto RicoHavanaMexico CitySanto Domingo

Question 4: He also finished second in an international tournament at ________, ahead of some well-known masters, including Isidore Gunsberg (assessed as the second strongest player in the world at that time by Chessmetrics).

Question 5: [2][4][5 ][6 ][7 ] In 1890 he finished third in ________, then shared first prize with his brother Berthold in a tournament in Berlin.

Question 6: [65 ] He died of a ________ infection in New York on January 11, 1941, at the age of 72, as a charity patient at the Mount Sinai Hospital.
LiverUrinary systemEndocrine systemKidney

Question 7: ________: "My chess hero"[142]
Mikhail TalBoris SpasskyViktor KorchnoiBobby Fischer

Question 8: During ________, Lasker invested all of his savings in German war bonds.
Western Front (World War I)Armenian GenocideWorld War ICaucasus Campaign

Question 9: [60] In 1901 he presented his doctoral thesis Über Reihen auf der Convergenzgrenze ("On Series at Convergence Boundaries") at Erlangen and in the same year it was published by the ________.
George PorterRoyal SocietyCopley MedalMichael Atiyah

Question 10: [60] His most significant mathematical article, in 1905, published a theorem of which ________ developed a more generalized form, which is now regarded as of fundamental importance to modern algebra and algebraic geometry.
Vector spaceRing (mathematics)Group (mathematics)Emmy Noether

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