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Question 1: Significant examples of email services which also provide the user a webmail interface are Hotmail, ________, AOL, and Yahoo.
GoogleGmailGoogle ChromeGmail interface

Question 2: Typically, it does so by connecting to either an MSA or an MTA, two variations of the ________ protocol.
Internet Message Access ProtocolSimple Mail Transfer ProtocolPost Office ProtocolE-mail

Question 3: On the one hand, the ________ (POP) allows the client to download messages one at a time and only delete them from the server after they have been successfully saved on local storage.
Simple Mail Transfer ProtocolInternet Message Access ProtocolPost Office ProtocolE-mail

Question 4: ________ mail systems define the proprietary Messaging Application Programming Interface (MAPI) that is used in client applications, such as Microsoft Outlook, to access Microsoft Exchange electronic mail servers.
Microsoft OfficeMicrosoftMicrosoft WindowsInternet Explorer

Question 5: ________ employs a somewhat more flexible web of trust mechanism that allows users to sign one another's public keys.
Pretty Good PrivacyCryptographyPublic-key cryptographyPublic key infrastructure

Question 6: Another important standard supported by most email clients is ________, which is used to send binary file email attachments.
Simple Mail Transfer ProtocolDomain Name SystemMIMEInternet Message Access Protocol

Question 7: To better assist the user with destination fields, many clients maintain one or more address books and/or are able to connect to an ________ directory server.
Lightweight Directory Access ProtocolDistributed Computing EnvironmentCall Level InterfaceDirectory service

Question 8: Webmail has several advantages which include the ability to send and receive email from anywhere using a single application: a ________.
Internet ExplorerInternet Explorer 3Opera (web browser)Web browser

Question 9: MUAs responsibilities include proper formatting according to RFC 5322 for headers and body, and ________ for non-textual content and attachments.
Internet Message Access ProtocolDomain Name SystemMIMESimple Mail Transfer Protocol

Question 10: An email client, email reader, or more formally mail user agent (MUA), is a ________ used to manage email [1].
Programming languageComputer programProgramming paradigmComputer software

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