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Elmer Fudd: Quiz


Question 1: Elmer J. Fudd is a fictional cartoon character and one of the most famous Looney Tunes characters, and the de facto archenemy of ________.
Daffy DuckElmer FuddBugs BunnyWarner Bros. Cartoons

Question 2: Elmer also appeared in this form opposite ________ in The Stupid Cupid (1944).
Daffy DuckBugs BunnyPorky PigLooney Tunes

Question 3: Greg Burson (1990-1995, ________, alternate to Bergman)
AnimaniacsFreakazoid!Tiny Toon AdventuresPinky and the Brain

Question 4: Elmer also had a guest starring appearance on Histeria! in the episode "The Teddy Roosevelt Show", in a sketch where he portrayed ________.
United StatesWashington, D.C.Gutzon BorglumAbraham Lincoln

Question 5: In Speechless, the famous ________ issued following Blanc's death, Elmer is not shown among the characters bowing their heads in tribute to Blanc.
LithographyOffset printingPrintmakingChromolithography

Question 6: ' newest cartoon star ________ in Daffy Duck and Egghead.
Daffy DuckBugs BunnyPorky PigLooney Tunes

Question 7: Elmer appears as part of the TuneSquad team in ________.
Who Framed Roger RabbitBah, Humduck! A Looney Tunes ChristmasSpace JamTweety's High-Flying Adventure

Question 8: He has one of the more disputed origins in the ________ cartoon pantheon (second only to Bugs himself).
Warner Bros. AnimationWarner Bros.Turner EntertainmentWarner Bros. Television

Question 9: Elmer also made cameos on ________, one in Turkey Jerky, another in the Pinky and the Brain short, Don't Tread on Us.
AnimaniacsFreakazoid!Tiny Toon AdventuresPinky, Elmyra & the Brain

Question 10: In 1937, ________ introduced a new character in his cartoon short Egghead Rides Again.
DroopyBugs BunnyTex AveryWarner Bros. Cartoons

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