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Question 1: Thirteen separate oil pools have been identified so far in the Elk Hills Field, in rock units ranging in age from ________ to Pleistocene.
Geologic time scaleOligoceneEocenePaleocene

Question 2: By 1912 the field's capacity was considered to be significant enough that President ________, concerned about the long-term availability of petroleum for the U.S.
William Howard TaftTheodore RooseveltCharles Evans HughesJ. Donald Cameron

Question 3: In 1976 the ________ opened the lands for drilling and production again.
Jimmy CarterPresidency of Jimmy CarterGeorge H. W. BushGerald Ford

Question 4: West of the Elk Hills is the large ________, and northwest is the even larger Cymric Oil Field.
Midway-Sunset Oil FieldKern County, CaliforniaSouth Belridge Oil FieldMcKittrick Oil Field

Question 5: The principal operator on the field is Occidental of Elk Hills, a subsidiary of ________.
Occidental PetroleumKansasOklahomaUnited States

Question 6: The Elk Hills Oil Field has a complex ________ compared to other nearby fields, many of which are a single large pool in a simple structural trap.
GeologyFossilStratigraphyGeologic time scale


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