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Question 1: An example of deliberate elision occurs in Latin poetry as a ________.
Romeo and JulietCharles DickensHenry JamesStylistic device

Question 2: Elision was a common device in the works of ________.
Catullus 64Catullus 12CatullusCatullus 16

Question 3: The omission of a word from a phrase or sentence is not elision but ________ or, more accurately, elliptical construction.
Question markEllipsisDashAt sign

Question 4: They are categorised into classes based on the ________ where elision occurs.
PhonemeInternational Phonetic AlphabetPhonologyEnglish orthography

Question 5: Elision is extremely common in the pronunciation of the ________.
Old JapaneseJapanese languageKanjiLate Middle Japanese

Question 6: The opposite of elision is ________, whereby sounds are inserted into a word to ease pronunciation.
Vowel harmonyConsonant mutationPalatalizationEpenthesis

Question 7: Elision is the omission of one or more sounds (such as a vowel, a ________, or a whole syllable) in a word or phrase, producing a result that is easier for the speaker to pronounce.
Alveolar consonantConsonantVelar consonantPalatal consonant

Question 8: hembra from Latin femina (with lenition of f- to h-, dissimilation of -mn- to -mr- and then ________ of -mr- to -mbr-'
Vowel harmonyConsonant mutationPalatalizationEpenthesis

Question 9: The change of ________ into the Romance languages included a significant amount of elision, especially syncope (loss of medial vowels).
Roman EmpireVulgar LatinLatinOld Latin

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