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Eli (Xena): Quiz


Question 1: While watching him perform, Gabrielle becomes possessed by the ________ Tataka.
Unclean spiritDemonChristian demonologyDemonology

Question 2: And it terrifies me." The three later meet ________, who tells Eli that the Demon King Indrajit is hunting him, and that he should seek the assistance of Krishna.

Question 3: As Eli comes into his own and fully accepts his new ________, he still fears it.

Question 4: While lying bleeding on the floor she calls on Krishna for help and as she is imbued with the power of ________ she grows four new arms, and springs back into battle.
MahakaliKāla (time)KaliYuga

Question 5: Eli is a ________ from the television series Xena: Warrior Princess.
NovelCharacter (arts)PoetrySatire

Question 6: What am I supposed to do?" Eli's god answers his questions when the powers in ________ send an angelic Callisto to Eli in a vision.
MonotheismHeavenBiblical canonAfterlife

Question 7: When Xena and Gabrielle travel to ________, they meet an illusionist named Eli.
Research and Analysis WingIndiaLok SabhaIndia and the Non-Aligned Movement

Question 8: The demon in Gabrielle's body begins healing people and deceives the people into thinking she is a ________, a divine healer.

Question 9: Tataka then proceeds to use her adoration in an attempt to destroy Xena and Eli, who discover in the ________ that Gabrielle has been possessed by the demon Tataka.
TempleJudaismTemple (Latter Day Saints)Joseph Smith, Jr.

Question 10: Eli appears as an ________, and tells Xena and Gabrielle that "Love is the Way".
JesusArchangelMichael (archangel)Angel


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