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Elf Owl: Quiz


Question 1:
What is the genus authority of Elf Owl?
Coues, 1866
Hu00FCbner, 1819
Meyrick, 1920
Eigenmann & Eigenmann, 1889

Question 2:
What kind of animal is a Elf Owl?

Question 3:
What phylum does Elf Owl belong to?

Question 4:
What genus does Elf Owl belong to?

Question 5: Elf owls are known to eat ________, somehow managing to cut off the stinger.

Question 6:
What is the binomial of Elf Owl?
Micrathene whitneyi
Astragalus whitneyi
Catocala whitneyi
Mimulus whitneyi

Question 7: Elf Owls usually choose an abandoned ________ cavity, where the female lays three round white eggs.

Question 8: The Elf Owl (Micrathene whitneyi) is a member of the owl family Strigidae that breeds in the southwestern United States and ________.

Question 9: M. w. idonea, the subspecies in southernmost Texas to central Mexico is resident, as are the isolated M. w. sanfordi of southernmost ________ and M. w. graysoni of Socorro Island, south-west from the tip of Baja California.
QuerétaroChihuahuaBaja California SurBaja California

Question 10: They are often seen chasing after flying insects, with a flight similar to a ________'s just after dusk.
Fork-tailed FlycatcherTityridaeTyrant flycatcherGreat Kiskadee


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