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Elf: Quiz


Question 1: In early modern and modern folklore, they become associated with the ________ of Romance folklore and assume a diminutive size, often living underground in hills or rocks, or in wells and springs.
Fairy paintingElfFairyDwarf

Question 2: In ________, William Shakespeare imagined elves as little people.
Elizabethan eraEnglish ReformationCaroline eraTudor period

Question 3:
Who played Papa Elf the movie Elf?
Bob Newhart
Will Ferrell
Bob Newhart
Edward Asner

Question 4: [6] Some scholars have compared elves to the ________ (fertility gods).

Question 5: [citation needed] A hallmark of fantasy elves is also their long and pointed ________ (a convention begun with a note of Tolkien's that the ears of elves were "leaf-shaped"[citation needed]).
BreastPenisEarSensory system

Question 6:
What role did Peter Dinklage play in the movie Elf?
Miles Finch

Question 7: On the latter ________ does not make a direct association to the elves, but other researchers see a possible connection to the shining light elves of Old Norse.
Brothers GrimmJacob GrimmGrimm's lawWilhelm Grimm

Question 8:
Who played Walter the movie Elf?
James Caan
Bob Newhart
James Caan
Will Ferrell

Question 9: The insect-winged ________ in British folklore are often called "älvor" in modern Swedish or "alfer" in Danish, although the correct translation is "feer".
FairyDwarfElfFairy painting

Question 10: [14] So too a tangle in the hair was called an elf-lock, as being caused by the mischief of the elves (or especially by ________),[15] and sudden paralysis was sometimes attributed to elf-stroke.
FairyRomeo and JulietChristopher MarloweQueen Mab

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