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Elephantidae: Quiz


Question 1: The family diverged from a common ancestor of the Mammutidae, which includes species termed as ________.
Woolly mammothAmerican mastodonGomphothereMastodon

Question 2: The ________ elephant primarily refers to the living taxa, the modern elephants, but may also refer to a variety of extinct species, in this family and others (see Elephant (disambiguation)).
Biological classificationNomenclatureGenusCommon name

Question 3: Elephantidae are classified informally as the elephant family, or in a ________ context as elephants and mammoths.
PaleontologyGeologic time scalePaleobiologyInvertebrate paleontology

Question 4: In the past, there was a much wider variety of genera, including the ________ and stegodons.
ElephantQuaternary extinction eventWoolly mammothMammoth

Question 5: The discovery of new specimens and proposed ________ have resulted in systematic revisions of the family and related proboscideans.
CladisticsPhylogeneticsComputational phylogeneticsClade

Question 6: Although the fossil evidence is uncertain, by comparing genes scientists discovered evidence that Elephantidae and other proboscideans share a distant ancestry with Sirenia (sea cows) and ________ (hyraxes).
HyraxEven-toed ungulatePrimateMammal

Question 7: Elephantidae is a taxonomic family, collectively ________ and mammoths.
Asian ElephantElephantHippopotamusLion

Question 8: These are terrestrial large ________ with a trunk and tusks.
MammalEven-toed ungulateMammal classificationPrimate


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