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Question 1:
Which of the following labels did Elephanta Caves work with?
Technology of Tears
Charisma Records/Virgin Records

Question 2: The northern entrance path to the cave, which has steep steps (1000 steps), is flanked by two panels of Shiva dated to the ________; on the left is Yogishvara (The Lord of Yoga) and the other is Nataraja (Shiva as the Lord of Dance).
Pala EmpireGupta EmpireHarshaChola Dynasty

Question 3:
What type is thing is Elephanta Caves?
Gallery, Museum and Cultural Pavillion
Cultural, Remembrance
Educational, Linguistic, Cultural Organization

Question 4: Pandavas – the heroes of the Hindu epic Mahabharata or Banasura – the demon devotee of Shiva – or ________ are credited with building temples or cut caves to live.
Macedonia (ancient kingdom)Alexander the GreatPtolemaic KingdomSeleucid Empire

Question 5: The temple complex is the abode of ________ depicted in widely celebrated carvings, which depict Shiva in his several forms and acts.

Question 6: The engraved panel considered a unique sculpture, in the north end of the aisle shows Bhairava or ________, a frightful form of Shiva.

Question 7: The ________ – the symbol of Shiva in union with the Yoni – the symbol of Parvati, together symbolizing supreme unity is deified in the shrine.
LingamHinduismSwami VivekanandaAum

Question 8: Behind her at the right is a woman attendant holding the child, identified with her son ________, the war-god.

Question 9: It is this face that is closest to that of ________, the creator or Uma or Vamadeva, the feminine side of Shiva and creator of joy and beauty.

Question 10: Bhringi is seated near Shiva’s feet and to his left is the elephant-headed son of Shiva, ________.


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