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Elements of graphical user interfaces: Quiz


Question 1: This is used in the web browsers Firefox, ________, Konqueror, Opera, and Safari.
Microsoft WindowsInternet ExplorerDirectXInternet Explorer Mobile

Question 2: A ________ is displayed horizontally across the top of the screen and/or along the tops of some or all windows.
Menu barGraphical user interfaceWidget toolkitBalloon help

Question 3: ________ are an example of these types of windows.
Internet Explorer 3Opera (web browser)Web browserInternet Explorer

Question 4: One of the most common components of a GUI on the ________ is a pointer: a graphical image on a screen that indicates the location of a pointing device, and can be used to select and move objects or commands on the screen.
Personal computerMicrocomputerLaptopNetbook

Question 5: ________, also known as GUIs, offer a consistent visual language to represent information stored in computers.
Graphical user interfaceDesktop environmentWidget toolkitX Window System

Question 6: A browser window allows the user to move forward and backwards through a sequence of documents or ________.
Adobe FlashWeb pageWebsiteWorld Wide Web

Question 7: A pointer commonly appears as an angled arrow, but it can vary within different programs or ________.
Operating systemLinuxMac OS XUnix

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