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Question 1: Elementary schools were set up to enable ________ children to receive manual training and elementary instruction.
Social classMiddle classWorking classUpper class

Question 2: Depending on ________ elementary schools provide Education from Class 1 to Class 4 or from Class 1 to Class 6.
States of AustriaCantons of SwitzerlandStates of GermanyBundesrat of Germany

Question 3: An elementary school is an institution where children receive the first stage of ________ known as elementary or primary education.
Compulsory educationRight to educationPropertyHuman rights

Question 4: Education was restructured into three progressive stages which were known as ________, secondary education and further education.
Primary schoolPrivate schoolHigh schoolPrimary education

Question 5: They provided a restricted curriculum with the emphasis on reading, writing and ________ (the three Rs).

Question 6: Elementary school is the preferred term in some countries, particularly those in ________.
AmericasAmericas (terminology)South AmericaNorth America


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